Travel Safety During and After this Pandemic.

To say the past year has been bad for both travelers and the travel industry is an epic under-statement. The good news is there seems to be light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. As the pandemic eventually gets under control and the travel industry slowly but surely starts to open up again, many people are itching to grab their passports and hop on a plane. We fall into this category.

But so much has changed since the beginning of 2020. International travel had been fairly common before the world had to shut down. And people traveled for many different reasons. Some travel for work, some for pleasure, others for adventure, I could go on and on. The ease of getting around the globe has made the world smaller and remote areas are now more accessible. Unfortunately the ease of global travel also makes it easy for rapid spread of highly infectious diseases.

It is key to stay safe and healthy while traveling. The best way to do this is by assessing the risks specific to your travel needs. Parts of the world are less safe and access to medical care is limited. Even an emergency evacuation can take a significant amount of time from some remote locations. It is important to plan accordingly. Especially in the era of a new pandemic.

But what is the best way to do this?

To learn more about this we discussed travel safety in the post pandemic world with Steve Latynski, the CEO of Roundtrip Security.

Roundtrip Security has a team of experts that analyze every detail of a potential travel itinerary and provides travelers with a high-quality security Report. This report provides specific COVID-19 restrictions for any travel destination, threat data, emergency planning, risk mitigation strategies as well as real-time security alerts.

Why should international travelers utilize this service provided by Roundtrip Security?

COVID-19 restrictions and airport resources vary significantly between countries and are constantly changing. Some countries require a negative COVID test within so many days before you can enter the country. Roundtrip Security provides the traveler with each airport’s COVID-19 requirements, in addition to providing information on whether a specific airport has rapid COVID-19 testing.

What else does the security report you provide include?

Tourists can potentially be easy targets for criminals because of the lack of knowledge of the country and being in an unfamiliar place. Roundtrip Security advises travelers on the top scams that criminals use to target tourists and ways to mitigate being a victim of a crime.

What services do you provide for medical emergencies?

Medical emergencies can and do happen while traveling internationally and having access to an English-speaking doctor is critical. Roundtrip Security provides recommendations on how to find English speaking doctors should you become ill or injured while traveling.

What about non medical emergencies or issues?

Most tourists do not know what to do should they find themselves as a victim of a crime or have an emergency while abroad. Roundtrip Security provides emergency contact information for the traveler’s respective embassy. The correct embassy staff can greatly assist travelers should there be an emergency in the country or if a traveler is arrested for any reason.

What is the most important reason international travelers should utilize your services during this pandemic?

Just because there is a certain level of restriction one day does not mean it will not change on the next. Roundtrip Security provides travelers with real-time security alerts should the COVID-19 restriction level change or if the security situation changes while abroad.

One thing we have all learned from the pandemic is that safety while traveling is of paramount importance. This includes all around safety and security for international travelers.

Fortunately, with a little planning you can minimize or avoid most travel issues. Even when traveling during a pandemic.

Safe travels.

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