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Welcome to our Blog

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”

...unless you step in the wrong direction, then you may end up two thousand miles from where you want to be.

About Us

We are two physicians who are passionate about travel. 

We write about all topics related to travel including but not limited to travel safety, public/global health, endemics/epidemics/pandemics, disease and injury prevention as well as other topics. 


Between the two of us we have traveled to over 40 countries and have lived on four continents.  We use this experience to look at the world through our medical lens and aim to share our knowledge and experience.


We are both expert travelers but do not claim to be travel experts.  We are passionate about exploring the world and are passionate about global health. 

This blog provides information about topics related to travel health, safety, nutrition and anything relevant to general and global health. 


We want to help fellow world travelers have access to the most up to date information about how to stay healthy when traveling.

We feel it is important to share accurate, evidence based and up to date information.  Because of this we don't do any type of marketing  or promote anything so that we can give an objective unbiased answer to your questions.


Please remember that medical information provided here is for education only. This blog should not be taken as medical advice and does not replace the opinion of your doctor.  

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